How to submit an article.

Submitting an article to is very simple. There are just a few requirements. All submitted articles must be approved by the editor before they will be published. You are responsible for proper citing of quotations. The editor may edit article for length or content. All changes will be sent to the author for approval prior to publishing.

Note: The editor is not responsible for plagarised/copied articles or essays. If you submit an article or essay, you certify upon submission that it is your own work.

Articles should be in the following format:

  1. Title of Article/Essay
  2. Author’s Name
  3. Date article was written
  4. Article text
  5. Proper citations (if quoting, use MLA guidlines please)
  6. File Format - Please submit articles in MS Word or OpenOffice format

Submit all articles via email to the following address:

How to submit an image gallery/photo collection.

Submitting an image gallery/photo collection is also easy, but there are a few requirments.

Restricted Images - Any images on the following list will not be approved for publication on Exceptions will be made for journalistic collections showing nudity/violence in the interests of promoting change. Journalistic collections must include text. Please contact the editor for further details.

  1. Images showing gratuitous nudity, violence or hateful themes
  2. Copyrighted images for which you do not own the copyright (i.e. - fan galleries, "best of" collections by your favourite photographer

Allowed images

  1. Any images that you have taken yourself
  2. Images of artwork, locations, events (i.e. vacations, concerts, etc.)
  3. Images of personal artwork

Formatting Requirements

  1. Images must be in .jpg format, with file sizes of no larger than 500Kb
  2. Full-size images should not be larger than 1024x768 pixels
  3. Crop images as you see fit, but keep in mind the general size requirements
  4. Thumbnail images must be 120x90 pixels in size, generally no larger than 50Kb
  5. Number images sequentially, 001.jpg, 002.jpg, etc.
  6. Thumbnail images are to be numbered the same as their corresponding large image, with a "t" after the number in their file name, i.e. 001t.jpg, 002t.jpg, etc.
  7. Images must be submitted in a .zip or .rar file format. You may use one of the following programs: WinRAR or WinZip to create the archives
  8. Any exceptions to these guidelines must be discussed with the editor prior to submission
  9. The editor may scan actual photos upon request