The Requisite Information

Just another trip to visit my dad at the desert. It was pretty fun, and I took a lot more videos of me driving around in the dune buggy. The only glitch was that the main entrance road is closed because they are going to pave it and put up an entrance booth. That means we’ll have to start paying to go out there. Damnit! The detour entry road was about 8miles long, and we got lost trying to find it. Once we found it though, it was business as usual. You can download all the pictures in a zip file ( | 3.00Mb).

Dune Buggy videos

01elmirage101004.wmv | 898Kb | 29sec
02elmirage101004.wmv | 1.19Mb | 53sec
03elmirage101004.wmv | 1.68Mb | 59sec

El Mirage - 10.10.04